Would An Investor Buy My House In Philadelphia For Close To Asking Price?

Considering selling your property in Philadelphia, or anywhere across Pa? Dive into our latest article where we tackle the burning question many homeowners grapple with: “Could an investor purchase my home in Philadelphia at a value close to my desired price?” Stay with us as we unravel the answer…

Navigating the home-selling seas, you’re presented with a couple of distinct routes:

Option one: Set your price in the open market and engage an agent to scout for a potential buyer—or take on the challenge solo.
Option two: Forgo the traditional market dance and partner directly with a dedicated buyer (like us here at Russo Acquisitions), who can present an upfront offer for your property.

Pondering over “Could an investor match my house price in Philadelphia?” Here’s the inside scoop you need:

Why Investors Invest

Investors step into the real estate arena with a clear goal: to purchase properties at a discount and then capitalize on their investment by either rehabbing them for the purpose of selling at a premium or leasing out the space. This ambition drives investors to seek out properties that are listed at prices conducive to their investment strategy, ensuring they have room for profit or rental income.

Understanding The Asking Price

would an investor buy my house for my asking price

Your asking price isn’t just a number—it’s the opening chapter in the negotiation saga. Whether you’re navigating the market with a real estate agent by your side or going it alone, that initial figure you set is merely the starting line, with prospective buyers typically aiming to talk it down.

But here’s a layer many overlook: your asking price carries more than just the potential sale value. It reflects the anticipation of presenting your property at its finest—renovated, polished, and buyer-ready. Beyond the aesthetics and curb appeal, this figure also accounts for the ongoing expenses you bear while your agent scouts for a buyer—utilities, insurance, and property taxes tick on, potentially for months. And when the deal is finally sealed? A portion of your proceeds will fulfill the agent’s commission, a sum that can climb into the thousands.

In essence, your asking price is a composite, embedding these various costs and considerations.

An Investor Skips All This

Opting for an investor route streamlines the entire process, effectively bypassing the conventional hurdles. There’s no need for renovations or deep cleaning—this alone can pocket you a significant saving. Moreover, the waiting game, which often includes months of ongoing expenses like utilities, taxes, and insurance, becomes obsolete, further cushioning your financial position. And the cherry on top? The absence of an agent in the transaction means you’re exempt from forking over a hefty commission, keeping yet more thousands securely in your savings.


Choosing an investor for your sale fast-tracks the process and sidesteps a slew of costs. This expedited path is precisely why an investor’s offer might not hover near your asking price. Yet, the concession you make to the investor reflects funds that would otherwise trickle away during the prolonged, uncertain endeavor of seeking a buyer in the traditional market. Essentially, what might seem like a discount upfront is actually a safeguard against the invisible drain of time and expenses on the open market.

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